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Jie Zhou Art

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Jie Zhou (Born in 1986) was raised by his grandmother in Suzhou. He’s a Chinese painter with his roots in China. Zhou loved art from childhood. His timeless eye for beauty in nature has been capturing the hearts of many who are searching for fulfillment. His images evoke a sense of contemplation and peace amidst vibrant color. Zhou has always strived to create images that go beyond the everyday façade - images that capture the essential meaning and character of his subjects. Loving art from such a young age has worked to his advantage as he has learnt a lot from other artists over the years. Zhou enjoys both experimenting with layers and textures and with creating more modern, graphic pieces. His passion for painting became an obsession, and the obsession made him to be one of the artists whose pieces are most sought after by many collectors. He has also attended many art exhibitions to help improve his work. His work has been collected and exhibited internationally. Zhou received his M.F.A. from Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Since his graduation his artwork has appeared in several publications. He produces an array of many fine drawings and delightful high quality paintings in various finishing options. His pieces of art are very characteristic and have a specific style. All his pieces display a wonderful understanding of color, simplicity of application, and a delicacy of touch. Framed Jie Zhou art are highly priced by many collectors. His style is pretty controlled; he embraces both the modern and traditional techniques to make his work stand out among that of other artists.
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