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Giampietro Zanotti Art

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Framed Nude Being Positioned by the Drawing Master
Nude Being Positioned by the Drawing Master
by Giampietro Zanotti
29" x 22" Frame
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Price: $216.89 
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Giampietro Zanotti (Born in 1674) was born in Italy. He was an art historian and painter of the Rococo or late-Baroque period. Zanotti studied painting in Bologna with a renowned artist Lorenzo Pasinelli. In the first decade of the 18th century, Zanotti became one of the founding members of the Accademia Clementina, the academy of artists in Bologna. He started artwork at a young age and that provided him with the opportunity to continually refine his technique and the chance to learn a lot from other renowned artists. Zanotti worked very hard and landed some of the most competitive commissions in Italy. Some of his commissions are found in prestigious locations throughout the world. His images have also been published on, calendars, greeting cards, stationery, and posters around the world. At the age of 36, he contributed a defense of the works of Guido Reni in a controversy concerning the concepts of "weakness” and "delicateness" in painting. He also wrote a biography about Giovanni Gioseffo Dal Sole, who was a painter and his close friend. He always strived to create images that go beyond the everyday facade to capture the meaning and essential character of his subjects. His images have been exhibited in galleries across Italy and beyond. All his images promise to delight and inspire all new artists and all who view them. Framed Giampietro Zanotti art are much sought after and are highly priced by many private and corporate collectors. Zanotti’s passion for art grew over the years and this passion led him to a brilliant creative career.
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