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Ignacio Zabaleta Art

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Ignacio Zuloaga (1870 - 1945) was born in Eibar near the monastery of Loyola. He was a Basque painter. Zuloaga was the son of damascener and metalworker Plácido Zuloaga. His grandfather was the director and organizer of the royal armory in Madrid. His great-grandfather was also a royal armourer. In his youth, Zuloaga worked and drew in the armourer's workshop of his father. The familial trade was highly respected throughout Europe, but his father intended for him to take architecture, commerce or engineering, but during a short trip to Rome with his father, he decided to become a painter. At the age of 18 Zuloaga moved to Paris and settled in Montmartre where he was hoping to find work and training as a painter. Zuloaga was nearly destitute, and lived off the benevolence of fellow Spaniards, including Santiago Rusiñol, Pablo de Uranga and Francisco Durrio. He also got some meager contributions from his mother. He worked hard and after only six months his first painting was exhibited in Paris in 1890. In around that same time, he split his time between Spain and Paris. He continued to study in Paris, where he lived for 5 years, and was in contact with post-impressionists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, and Ramon Casas. He often placed his figures against dramatic landscapes and used earthen colors almost exclusively. His paintings were exhibited in highly successful one-man shows in New York City. In 1938, he was awarded the grand prize for painting at the Venice Biennale. Today, framed Ignacio Zuloaga art are in great demand all over the world.
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