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Ned Young Art

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7 Items
Framed Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze
by Ned Young
46" x 27" Frame
Price: $399.99 
Sale: $199.99
Framed Three Friends
Three Friends
by Ned Young
32" x 26" Frame
Price: $310.99 
Sale: $155.49
Framed Blue Chair
Blue Chair
by Ned Young
28" x 33" Frame
Price: $339.99 
Sale: $169.99
Framed Honey Bees
Honey Bees
by Ned Young
33" x 28" Frame
Price: $333.99 
Sale: $166.99
Framed Orchard Blossoms
Orchard Blossoms
by Ned Young
34" x 28" Frame
Price: $342.99 
Sale: $171.49
Framed Little Gardener
Little Gardener
by Ned Young
31" x 24" Frame
Price: $296.99 
Sale: $148.49
Framed Near Sienna
Near Sienna
by Ned Young
22" x 24" Frame
Price: $247.99 
Sale: $123.99
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7 Items
Ned Young (Born 1873) was born in Vermont in a small town. He was a multi-talented artist whose ability to give his viewers captivating scenes went beyond carefully crafted combinations of textures, patterns, light and shapes - his paintings radiate emotions and stir feelings. Young had to be emotionally connected to a subject or scene before the creative process could begin. He said that without that personal connection, there would be no reason to paint, and without the reason, art would just look like a task and not something to be enjoyed or an extension or a sharing of himself. Such kind of connection made his artwork to be very attractive, especially the framed Ned Young art. He loved art from a tender age and as a boy, Young liked to draw cartoons and he also took up woodworking as a hobby. At the age of seventeen he was also considered a musical phenomenon and he went to Boston where he became a professional violinist. He used to play in orchestras at resort hotels in New England, where he met the woman he later married – Effie. He taught Effie how to play the cello and the two eventually decided to reside in St. Johnsbury where he taught music at an academy and the couple formed their own string assemblage. Young produced many pieces of arts because his art was in great demand. They are still in demand to date and have found their way into many galleries, homes, institutions and public places around the world.
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