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James Wyper Art

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James Wyper (Born in 1971) was born in Kimberley, BC, the mountain town of Canada, and was raised on the Saskatchewan prairies. The vast aerial views of Canadian landscape initially inspired his ongoing series of geometric paintings. Currently his theme of inquiry is the practice of present moment awareness and the nature of consciousness. He believes that painting is a process of building consciousness into an object. He says that painting perfectly reflects the states-of-being and the act of the artist, but a painting also acts as a mirror to those who view them. “So if you find yourself in front of a painting that moves you, you should realize that your consciousness is creating your own unique version of that painting, and that you are looking at an aspect of yourself,” he says. Throughout the 1990s Wyper travelled, often motorcycling or hitchhiking around Canada, and for several years the artist lived in a series of converted school buses and vans, making paintings and selling them along the way. This rich experience made him to develop a unique style of producing his art which is reflected in the instinctive process of his painting. The framed James Wyper art can be found with many collectors around the world. They are also in many galleries and museums in Canada and abroad. His paintings and murals illustrate the idea that state of existence is casual. His art explores states of conscious awareness, ecstasy and meditation, the transcendence of duality and spontaneous spiritual realization.
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