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Rian Withaar Art

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Rian Withaar (Born in 1958) is an artist based in Leeuwarden. She loved art at a young age and was lucky to have a father who was also an artist. She began o draw and paint at the age of 10 and was greatly influenced by his father. Her skill at arranging complex groupings of figures in a composition, her ability to work on a large scale, her personal eloquence and charm, and her ease at depicting diverse subjects have all contributed to her success. Rian has visited several academies of visual arts, including the 'Deva' in Almelo, the 'Ruudt Wackers Academy' and the 'Rietveld Academy', which are both situated in Amsterdam. Her paintings are characterized by brilliant sense of colors, monumental conception of the figures, and a sober use of composition. The works have been exhibited in Zwolle, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem. She has had many other exhibitions, some of which she did in groups while in others she went solo. She uses several kinds of paint, for example acrylic paint, oil paint, textile paint and pastel chalk. And framed Rian Withaar art and her other original works can be found in many collections. Rian is constantly searching to share with others the beauty she sees n nature through her painting. She is from a beautiful country full of colors, nature and a lot of elements that inspire her. Every single painting helps her to discover new parts of herself. She is a talented artist with great insight to different eclectic multi-layering of objects, colors, and textures.
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