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Thelma Winter Art

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Thelma Winter (1931 - 2009) was a Western New York artist who began painting in her 50s after she had taught music in her home for decades and after she had raised 4 children. Her sisters, Sister Ruth Schlehr and Ann Klaus, both talented artists, encouraged her to display her art publicly, and in 1982, she did so at the Allentown Art Festival for the first time. All the 24 paintings she brought with her sold that weekend. Thelma spent the next twenty five years traveling the country and exhibiting at art shows from Florida to Vermont. She had virtually no instruction or training but the joy that her paintings brought both others and herself encouraged her to invest more energy, effort and time into showing and creating her works of art. Thelma’s method of combining watercolor paints with pen & ink drawings produced realistic and vibrant detail in her work. The artist was well known for the local western New York Amish countryside, her sleigh ride scenes, lighthouses and much more. The traditional and nostalgic style of her paintings invites the viewer to another time and to a peaceful place. Over the years, her paintings have earned her much recognition- several Best of Shows, dozens of ribbons, and the prestigious Purchase Award at Buffalo’s Allentown Art Festival. Framed Thelma Winter art are owned by many collectors and galleries. Her works have been shown at the National Arts for the Parks Exhibit in Wyoming, the Long’s Park Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Festival of the Masters in Disney World, the Salmagundi Club in New York City, and at many other exhibitions throughout the northeast.
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