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Ty Wilson Art

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Framed Female, Pose 1350% Off Art Prints
Female, Pose 13
by Ty Wilson
19" x 19" Frame
Price: $171.99 
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Ty Wilson (Born 1959) is an American artist. His illustrative artwork captures and portrays a long-gone era when elegance and romance reigned. His minimal but bold line drawings elicit feelings of sophistication, fun and romance. His art is simple and creates a mood with as few lines as possible. Wilson is also a motivational speaker on the subject of Art and the Business of Art; his lecture tour has included the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parson’s School of Design, The MD College of Art and Design, Syracuse University and The University of Maryland. Since 1989, he has been on the Board of Trustees at The Maryland College of Art and Design. It is that same year also that the Ty Wilson Scholarship was established. The scholarship is given annually to a first year minority art student. All of his life he’s been an artist and humbly considers himself among the lucky few who have made a career of it. He moved to New York where his art was well received, and his stylish and elegant illustrations were an immediate success in the fashion and advertising industries. The publicity has made framed Ty Wilson art to be popular all over the world. He says that his challenge as an artist has been to develop a style that best invites the viewer inside his experiences, his world, his thoughts, and his dreams. His travels have taken him across the United Kingdom to the USA, France, Canada, Germany, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Japan, Mexico and Costa Rica where he exposed himself to the sights, culture, sounds, and art of each country.
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