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Bernard Willington Art

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Artistic services provided by Bernard Willington include painting, and creation of series paintings in fields such as city development, sport, and town and industry. He produces these in collaboration with academics, historians, and other individuals who are knowledgeable in specific subjects. Being born in a low-income family, his early wishes to become an artist were thwarted by the need to find work to contribute to the family finances in a period of national severity. He was born and raised in the industrial heartland of South Wales during the WW2. Willington studied engineering and graduated in 1962 having qualified as a design engineer. While still in the college, he studied art history and painting in his spare time. His aim is to further his skills in the arts field by working in challenging environments, thereby contributing in the growth of the arts industry. Willington loves his career and says he can not exchange it for anything else. He produces art in a variety of finishing options including framed Bernard Willington art. He believes this increases the collectability of his art. He has managed to build a reputation for himself and is now considered as one of the best artists in the world. In 1988, when he was working on a view of Augusta, Georgia, his work came to the attention of the Old Course Hotel at St Andrews. The hotel commissioned him to paint a large version of the same view for one of their public rooms. He did the painting and it was later taken to join others in a collection in Tokyo. Willington divides his time between his studios in Wiltshire in England and in Augusta, Georgia.
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