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Benjamin West Art

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Framed Simeon with the Infant Jesus
Simeon with the Infant Jesus
by Benjamin West
21" x 25" Frame
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Benjamin West (1738 - 1820) had a strong influence on the development of historical painting in Britain. Born near Springfield in Pennsylvania, West was a painter of mythological, religious, and historical subjects. West was the 10th child of an inn keeper. The family later moved to Newtown Square, a, where his father became the proprietor of the Square Tavern. When he was a child, some Native Americans showed him how to make paint by mixing bear grease with some clay from the river bank in a pot. As a young man, he showed intelligent artistic talent that made him to be sent to Philadelphia in 1756 to study painting. In 1758 he was already a successful portraitist in New York City and at the age of 22, through the assistance of friends, he moved to Italy, where he visited most of the leading cities. In 1763 he went to London, and set up as a painter of portraits. Subsequently he was supported by George III and this assurance of financial support released him from having to continue earning a living through portraiture. West also became intimate with Sir Joshua Reynolds and this helped him to gain widespread popularity. His art is still popular today as can be seen in the number of framed Benjamin West art that are being sold today. He was the founder of the Royal Academy but he had little education. Even as the president of the Royal Academy, he could scarcely spell. West died on March 11, 1820 at his house in Newman Street, London. He was buried in St Paul's Cathedral.
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