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Clara Wells Art

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Clara Wells (Born 1990) was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. She’s an accomplished artist and her ability to give her viewers captivating pieces goes over and above carefully crafted combinations of light, shapes, patterns, and textures. Her principal intention is in creating immersive incidences both in creation and viewership. Her paintings radiate emotions. Clara says that he has to be emotionally connected to a subject before the creative process begins; adding that it’s only then that the painting process really ticks. According to Clara the reason for painting doesn't exist without that emotional personal connection and without the reason, art would lose its meaning. To embrace sensorium and motion, to open a connection and dialogue between the artist and the viewer and between the process and the final product that emotional connection is a must. Her work is primarily focused on the interplay between abstraction and empathy in experiential filmmaking. Clara has produced many pieces of art because her art is in great demand. The demand is ever growing and her art has found its way into many homes, galleries, institutions and public places around the world. She has been active in the art scene for several years and her focus is on the details of her subjects and also on the formal relationships between the pieces in each arrangement. Framed Clara Wells art are sold through many outlets. She makes things simple, since she believes that complicating art may make the intended purpose not to be achieved. She has exhibited in Waikato Museum, NZ Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Christchurch, Skinroom, Good Company Space, Arts Post Galleries, etc.
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