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Audrey Welch Art

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Framed Vanilla with Fresh Blueberries
Vanilla with Fresh Blueberries
by Audrey Welch
23" x 23" Frame
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Audrey Welch was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. She moved to San Francisco just before the big earthquake of 1989. Though she was urged by her family urged to move back home, she found San Francisco so creatively inspiring so much so that she wasn't willing to leave. She already had a Graphic Design degree and again she proceeded to San Francisco City College where she studied painting. Her paintings are a combination of both painting and graphic design skills. At sometimes the design element becomes more prominent, but both components make their way into each piece of her art. Audrey has exhibited with artists such as Murphy Adams, 3D-Edddy, Kanna Aoki, Carol Allen, Kate Barrengos, Elizabeth Ashcroft, Christine Benjamin, Brian Behnke, Heather Burton, Carole Bigot, Michael Chamberlain, Sofia Carmi, Laurie Chase, Magdalene Chan, Julia Cone, Kieran KEAC Collins, Caroline Dahl, MaryLou Correia, Michael Frank , Missy Feigum, Sylvia Gonzalez, Katie Gilmartin , and Chris Grassano , to name but a few. Framed Audrey Welch art hangs in numerous private collections throughout the United States and in hundreds of Bay area homes. Through the use of color, repetition, and pattern, she creates a rich visual texture and an exhilarating energetic pattern in her work. Color is the most important element of her paintings because it’s what she uses to bring perfect balance in her compositions; she loves to experiment with different palettes to see if they can work together or not. She has exhibited at SOMArts Cultural Center, Studio Gallery, Femina Potens, and Velcrow Studios, among others.
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