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Carrie Webster Art

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Carrie Webster is both an IT professional and an artist. She spends all her entire free time creating and being inspired by all the amazing artists that share their work on sites like 500px, Flickr and Pinterest. Carrie yearns to recreate dream like and surreal states which reflects her own desire to escape from reality. She says that all humans have limitations as individuals in their ability to change the outside world. However, she has complete freedom to create her internal world. Art enables her to escape from the external world which she says can be a very dark place. She is filled with fear, disbelief, and sadness for the kind of world our children are inheriting. Art enables her to find humor in herself and her surroundings, and just to momentarily forget. She is humbled is her art can create these beautiful moments for someone else. Carrieā€™s work has evolved through many years of experimenting with a multitude of themes, mediums, and tools. She has expressed herself through lino prints, photography, drawing, pastels, painting, and digital painting. At first, it made sense for her to focus on creating commercial art so she could create and earn a living from her passion. However, after some time she realized, after a few unsatisfying ventures, that she was focusing too much on the commercial aspect and she was struggling to connect with her authentic inner artist. Her turning point came when she decided to ignore the commercial aspect and just simply create. And it worked! Today, framed Carrie Webster art are in great demand.
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