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Diane Weaver Art

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Diane Weaver loved art since her childhood. She used to admire that works of other artists and even read their history and art books. She comes from a long line of creative families. So, art is actually in her genes. From her mother and two sets of grandparents, Diane has been surrounding by craft hours with her mother and with creative projects at home. The artist has developed a style which is delicate, sensitive and uniquely her own. This style makes her art to be easily recognizable among the works of other artists. Her whimsical prints express her own personality with that of the subject. These pieces of art have long been favorites of the public. She now produces more realistic prints that show highly developed patterns and textures. Her parents still talk about how, when she was in 3rd grade, she won first place in a school poster art contest, where she beat the 4th, 5th, and even 6th graders. This is what actually brought her to the limelight and probably catapulted her public stint in the creative art world. The artist’s ability to transform common objects into vibrant images has earned her financial and critical success during. Diane was influenced by the surroundings in which she grew up, and from a tender age, she rendered in paper and pencils her encounters with the natural environment in the family’s backyard. Today, framed Diane Weaver art has found its way into many homes, galleries and museums all over the world. Diane studied at the University of Maryland where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography.
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