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Robert Wavra Art

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Robert Wavra was born in Washington State but he grew up mostly in Indiana. He loved the outdoors since his boyhood. His interest was in wildlife and nature in general. Sometimes the simplest things inspire him. A few of the scenes that provide him with his creative inspiration include the early morning mist rising from a pond, the calmness of a mountain stream flowing gently through a valley, or the sight of a dilapidated old barn. Even an unusual rock formation or an old dead tree may inspire him. His childhood experiences contributed to his appreciation and deep respect of wildlife and nature. Wavra has always enjoyed painting and drawing. He demonstrated artistic talent at a very early age. His parents and school teacher first realized he had a talent for art when he was in the second grade. He believes that God is truly the greatest artist of all artists and it is a big challenge to take something that God has created and attempt to imitate it in a meaningful way. Wavra says: “When you study the textures, forms, contrasts and colors that are a fundamental part of our surroundings it becomes clear how beautiful and complex everything is.” Since Wavra typically paints in a realistic style, it is quite a challenge to create something that is totally special or unique. Wavra has traveled extensively throughout North America; during his travels he has taken photos and he has documented the travels. He visited numerous wildlife refuges and national parks. The parks include two Canadian parks Jasper N.P. Banff N.P., the Great Smoky Mountain N.P., Maine's Acadia N.P., Arches N.P., Yellowstone N.P., Yosemite N.P, and Rocky Mountain N.P. Framed Robert Wavra art are in great demand among nature lovers.
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