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Susy Pilgrim Waters Art

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Susy Pilgrim Waters, an award-winning illustrator, was born and raised in Great Britain and is now based in Boston. Her husband, Keith, is also an artist and their range of apparel and home products draw on their professional backgrounds. They have clients such as Crate & Barrel, the New York Public Library, and Travel & Leisure, and their experience informs the modern, handcrafted aesthetics and expert fabrication of goods crafted in the United States and overseas. Their have a business, PilgrimWaters, where they create and manufacture a line of beautiful, practical products and surface designs, from wool to tabletop, and canvas accessories. The key in PilgrimWaters’ products is functionality – with color, graphic elements and natural materials coming together in products such as elegant tea towels, scarves, and trays. Susy renders the images with careful brush strokes that transform them into something more realistic. Framed Susy Pilgrim Waters art run into thousands and they can be found in many galleries throughout the world. She produces an array of delightful high quality paintings. She always looks at different methods of creating and presenting images so that the final products are unique, attractive and inspiring. Susy’s first job was as an illustrator. She was engaged to paint and hand-letter twenty five dinner menus for a restaurant in the North End of Boston. Susy attended an art school in London and that’s where she met her husband, Keith. Susy is now a regular contributor to the Gourmet Magazine, New York Times, Boston Globe, Metropolitan Home, and Washington Post.
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