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Garrett Walker Art

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Framed Focused
by Garrett Walker
25" x 13" Frame
Price: $170.99 
Sale: $85.49
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Garrett Walker is an artist who believes that his talent is a gift from God. He believes that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit stays with him every second of every day he lives. Walker is a left handed designer, illustrator who creates, writes and sings. Walker is a multitalented artist whose artistic ability was discovered at a very young age. He knew that he would become a professional artist and was lucky to receive support from friends and teachers – he came from a broken family and has no family of his own. He knew that if he wanted to ever be a successful artist he would need to practice a lot and that’s what he did. His art developed from his passion and regard for what nature provides, the landscape, the attractive sceneries and the beautiful objects. His art evolved from his desire to represent the beauties of natural and man-made objects so that others can taste and enjoy the beauty of these man-made and natural things that surround us. Today Walker’s art has found its way into many prestigious galleries, museums, institutions and homes around the world. Walker has always had great sell-through with his products, especially the framed Garrett Walker art, and has spent a lot of time studying trends so that he can remain relevant and effectively satisfy his clients’ needs. Due to his godly nature, he finds himself helping others more than he should, especially when it comes to the less fortunate. He thinks that everyone on this planet should win.
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