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Framed Jennifer Wagner Wall Art

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Framed Ride 150% Off Art Prints
Ride 1
by Jennifer Wagner
20" x 20"
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Jennifer Wagner was the daughter of a counselor and art teacher, so she was always encouraged to explore her emotions and the creativity that help guide it. She began her lifelong passion for art as a young girl exploring in her father’s art studio. Jennifer’s mother says from the time she could talk, Jennifer was telling her father what colors he needed to add to his paintings. For Jennifer, color has always been a huge driving factor in all her creative processes. While growing up, a pencil was her favorite tool. She loved drawing portraits of her friends but never began painting until she was married and living in Japan. Jennifer’s current work is a layered process using collage, drawing, texture, and transparent oils and paints. When viewing her work, viewers can see a visual depth at even the closest distance. What’s being observed is light that flows beneath layers that are translucent, thus creating pale shadows beneath higher marks. Complex yet minimal in its execution, the artist is exploring both emotional and artistic content with her art. Surrounded by a wealth of equipment and materials, she first experimented with different processes and themes. Later on, this blossomed into a constant, passionate discipline pursuing abstract expressionism. Manipulating reflection, blur, and shadow is the centerpiece of her artistic practice. During her time in Arizona, she was able to draw on her gift and passion for interior decorating. Currently, framed Jennifer Wagner art are on display in many galleries around the world. Her mixed media work is a blend of powdered pigment, acrylic paste and plaster.
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