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Steve Vidler Art

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Framed Stand Tall for Freedom
Stand Tall for Freedom
by Steve Vidler
40" x 26" Frame
Price: $331.99 
Sale: $165.99
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Steve Vidler has a special passion for London photography. He believes that the ability to examine components of a scene and look beyond what is obvious is a key factor in his photography career as well as a very important part of understanding our place in a larger landscape. Vilder is keen to detail and this has enabled him to capture very memorable moments. He is a veteran travel photographer who has been shooting stock photos around the world for more than 40 years. He’s most widely known for his captivating images. He attributes his creativity to being exposed to a variety of works by other artists. In the course of his work, he has witnessed radical changes in the photography industry, but he has been a prolific and successful travel photographer all through his career. He has a great admiration for nature and is careful when it comes to choosing his subjects. This makes him to capture a wide variety of images that are all attractive. The photographer is good at what he does and doesn’t fear to take even the very complex projects that many artists would ran away from. He has also contributed to magazines and books around the world. With an eye for a best-selling photo Vidler will stop at nothing to get an interesting, new angle on the most iconic places in the world. The quality of the framed Steve Vidler art speaks for itself. The choice of his subject matter is such as to endear his viewers to his art. Vidler chooses subjects that clients can easily relate to and those that appeal to their emotions.
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