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William Vanderdasson Art

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William Vanderdasson has been in the fine art industry for more than 30 years. He specializes in painting and illustration. Over the years, he has refined his skills and expanded his knowledge on his colors, style, and general information about art. Vanderdasson is known mainly for his career in the world of Sports Art where he's painted several renditions of different games including car races, golf, and more. He has demonstrated an astonishing career that has set him apart from other artists and has seen him get recognition from different quarters. He’s also known as a painter of wildlife and scenic landscapes. Vanderdasson uses natural and vivid colors in making his artwork to ensure that they express scenes that are peaceful, charming, and beautiful for the eye. His art covers a wide variety of subjects to increase their collectability, although he tends to capture more of pleasurable scenes with birds, animals, and beautiful flowers when not producing sports illustrations. Vanderdasson creates works that capture even miniature of details. Being a realist artist, he uses his skills to produce art that his viewers can easily associate with. Since he uses friendly colors to create his artwork, his art, especially the framed William Vanderdasson art, can be used to decorate any room, as long as the chosen artwork captures the preferred subject. His art has been used to make several products, including Christmas cards, greeting cards, and wrapping paper. He has several illustrations and paintings that he produces for sale as limited editions and prints.
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