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Steven Valiere Art

Steven Valiere (Born 1952) has lived in the Hawaiian Islands since he was 26 years old. The things that inspire him to take hold of a new canvas are things that that it make people happy. He once said that got emails and postcards from people in Wisconsin and Japan that say that there’s snow everywhere and it is 20 degrees outside, and they were drinking their coffee while looking at his painting and it made him feel good. He was born in North Dakota, where waves in the grain fields were the only waves he saw. He took art classes in high school so he could keep his grade-point to be boosted. After high school, Valiere moved to Hawai‘i for a winter. He then traveled the world for 6 years, and finally, he moved to Kaua‘i and started painting after Hurricane ‘Iniki. He did a drawing of the hurricane around the Kaua‘i island when the hurricane hit. He did it in all black-and-white and had it transferred onto T-shirts, then he hand-painted the T-shirts. That was kind of the start of his serious artistic journey. He soon started painting on canvas, and was stunned at the result. He sold one, and that freaked him out, then he sold another one. Framed Steven Valiere art currently hang in homes and galleries around the globe. The artist has had shows as far away as Australia and France, and recently finished a tour of California. However, Kaua‘i will always remain home for his family. He doesn’t just know his subject matter; Valiere has lived it every day of his life. His art is about the perfect wave, barrel waves, boat trips, big waves, etc.
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Framed Tropical Mix
Tropical Mix
by Steven Valiere
19" x 15"
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