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Maurice Utrillo Art

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Maurice Utrillo (Born 1883) was born in Paris, France. He was a painter who specialized in cityscapes. He was noted for his paintings depicting the streets and houses of the Montmartre district of Paris. His father is unknown because he was born out of wedlock and he was given his name by Miguel Utrillo, a Spanish art critic. He was the son of the artist and model Valadon Suzanne who gave him his art training. He spent his childhood and youth in Paris. He was raised up by a loving mother, and in his childhood, he was supported and given opportunity to pursue his interests. Unfortunately, Utrillo became an alcoholic at the age of 21 and this resulted into mental illness which took toll of him. So his mother encouraged him to take up painting as a therapy. He obliged but had several lapses. However, painting became his obsession and he started to take it seriously. If there was something he could do apart from drinking alcohol, it was painting. He showed real artistic talent. He had no training outside what his mother taught him, he painted and drew what he saw in Montmartre. He was also inspired by his trips to Corsica and Brittany. The artist has produced the majority of his paintings while residing in Paris, France. his work attracted critical attention after 1910, and 10 years later, he was internationally acclaimed. Today, framed Maurice Utrillo art has found its way into all corners of the world. Utrillo died in 1955 at Le VĂ©sinet.
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