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Francis Calcraft Turner Art

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Francis Calcraft Turner (Born 1782) was born in England where he also grew up. he’s good at using the elements of art to produce compositions that are perfectly balanced. today, framed Francis Calcraft Turner art hang on the walls of many galleries, museums, homes and institutions. The arts are also found in many collections around the world. He’s known for horse racing genre, hunting scene and portrait painting. He became very famous and had a wide base of clients that he served diligently. He’s much appreciated for his keenness to detail that made his images look very real. In fact, tiny details can be seen on his images. Growing up, Calcraft Turner had always had an interest in the arts. he loved art from an early age and this love was boosted by his early experiences that made him to appreciate the beauty of nature. Though little is known about his early life, he became a very prolific artist. His dedication and keenness in observing nature is reflected in the way he approached her highly textured portraits and landscapes. He counted himself lucky that he had the chance to pursue his love of painting. Today her art can be seen in several galleries, institution, homes and museums, around the world, including the Liverpool Museum, British Museum, Yale Centre for British Arts, National Horse Racing Museum, and many others. Many of his hunting scenes show hunting activities from the south of England, including the Old Berkeley, the Essex Hounds, and the East Kent.
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