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Framed P. T. Turk Wall Art

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Framed Silent Traveler
Silent Traveler
by P. T. Turk
26" x 20"
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1 Item
P. T. Turk (Born 1947) was born in Miami, Florida. He studied photography Florida State University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1970. Upon graduation from college, he returned to Miami where he started working. He used to drive a cab by day and play in a rock band by night to sustain him before he discovered art. This kind of work allowed him to continue his artistic endeavors with photography until he eventually became a photographer. He has been perfecting his signature style for more than 35 years. Since Florida State University focused more on artistic expression rather than commercial technique, he was able to explore innumerable photographic ideas and concepts, creating a variety of techniques that provide him with his own eclectic photographic style. Creating a unique blend of emotion and technique, he has worked for several years on his creative process to make it a consistent and integral extension of his life. He used to experiment in the darkroom which became as his laboratory. It was in the darkroom that he was altering and manipulating photographic images to synthesize imageries that expressed his personal visions. Turk attributes much of his success to the attitude of self-expression and individualism his father believed in so strongly. He considers his father as a role model, a special person who provided him with an environment of freedom and choices to do mostly as he wanted, so long as he pursued a college education. Today, framed P. T. Turk art is much sought after.
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