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Framed Lun Tse Wall Art

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Framed Flora Luminous II
Flora Luminous II
by Lun Tse
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $233.99 
Sale: $116.99
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1 Item
Lun Tse (Born 1964) was born in Hong Kong, China. He finds great satisfaction in creating works of art that are done well. To have his artworks received well by any audience brings a total sense of achievement to him. When a collector takes his artwork for their own to enrich their homes or to sell to their clients, this gives him a sense of contribution. The artist currently uses his adroit hand to create a superlative collection of the finest art in Atlanta where he lives with his family. Tse was destined to be a great artist from the very beginning. He was one of 10 siblings, including a twin brother who was good at creating stories. His out of this world style is marked by indistinctly blended wispy brushstrokes and vibrant colors. Each piece of art he creates has its own special story to tell – a story that often recalls his diverse upbringing, which spanned 2 very different cultures and continents. His work brings to mind, dragon (this traditional Chinese symbol), a creature both powerful and elegant in nature. The artist considered each venture as an opportunity to expand his expertise both as an artist and also as a professional in the arts field. His works meld thoughtful brushstrokes, rich, bold color, and delicate imagery. In high school, he focused basically on his art classes. He produced high quality work and as a result, he was awarded with a scholarship after graduation. Today, his art is in high demand, especially the framed Lun Tse art which usually come ready to hang with all the required accessories.
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