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Michael Trevillion Art

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Michael Trevillion is a British photographer who focuses on capturing landscapes. He started his photography work while working in a darkroom of a London-based advertising agency. It's during this period that Trevillion worked with a photography and printing firm. He would later start his printing firm called Metro Imaging during his 20's, doing so as a result of his passion for fine-art printing techniques. The printing firm, located across Europe remains among the top printing firms of the continent. But due to his discovery of landscape photography, capturing the beautiful natural world, he opted to stay away from Metro Imaging to focus solely on landscape photography. Trevillion then developed a unique style of landscape photography that conspicuously expresses emotion and sensitivity. His 20 years of experience as a photographer has seen him produce several high quality images, which display the serenity and calm that's only found in the beauty of the natural world. Besides, Trevillion has discovered the wonders of nature that are often overlooked by many. He founded Trevillion Picture Library, a library that features different works of close to 200 photography artists from diverse backgrounds. Most of his creative works are delivered in sepia format and are availed in different sizes and orientations. His works have been used by different clients and are available in a number of art galleries and collections across the globe. Many galleries also sell framed Michael Trevillion art for art lovers who would like ready to hang art. The artwork pieces are also availed in diverse finishing options.
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