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Barb Tourtillotte Art

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Barb Tourtillotte is a talented artist who loved art from a young age. At that early age, she could be seen spending much of her free time working on her paintings, sketches and drawings. Barn could draw, sketch or paint on any surface she could find and used any material she could lay her hands on. She was lucky that she was surrounded by people who noticed her talent and supported her. Before starting to work as a full time artist, she attended the Burnley School of Professional art and Central Washington University where she studied graphic design and illustration. Today, she enjoys painting a variety of subjects from elegant florals to whimsical snowmen. Her pieces of art have found their way into many prestigious galleries, museums and institutions. They also adorn the walls of many private homes. Her art is also found in many collections all over the world, especially ready to hang framed Barb Tourtillotte art. Barb has been to many art exhibitions where her art has been the center of attraction. Barb uses art as a means through which she communicates to her viewers. She believes that each piece of her artwork has a special message to the viewers. Her artwork can be found on a many licensed products including dinnerware, fabrics, paper goods and giftware. She currently licenses her artwork to more than 50 companies for a myriad of top selling products. Her aesthetic spirit has allowed to new energies and fresh interpretations to her work. Barb is an artist with an unusual blending of styles that attract both the traditional and contemporary collectors alike.
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