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Luisa Tosini Art

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Artist Luisa Tosini (Born in 1962) was born in Rovigo, Italy. Her eagerness to pursue art began at an early age. She’s a graduate of the Art Institution in Ferrara from where she studied Applied Art and specialized in Decor Design and Architecture. Luisa has been working on art all her life. She loves art and can not imagine doing something else. After completing her studies at the Art Institution, she proceeded to the School of Fine Arts in Bologna to further her studied. She graduated in 1988 with a degree in Set Decoration. In that same year at Biennale88, she was marked as one of the Most Talented Young Artists in the Mediterranean and Europe. Over the years, Luisa has collaborated with important brands in various fields including gift and print collections, home decoration, textiles, home furniture and ceramics. She also developed her career as a decor designer. In 1990, she worked in a private school in Bologna as a Fashion and Costume History teacher. Luisa paints with a lot of energy. She feels a sense of satisfaction and acceptance from sharing her experience in color and shape through her art. Her works, especially the ready to hang framed Luisa Tosini art, are very popular among collectors. That’s why they are found in many public and private collections all over the world. They are also found in galleries, museums and private homes. Luisa looks upon nature as her main source of inspiration. She currently lives and works in Bologna.
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