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Giuseppe Torre Art

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Giuseppe Torre (Born in 1932) is an internationally recognized painter whose talent was noticed by his father when he was still very young. He was lucky that he spent his childhood surrounded by many art-loving people (including his father) who noticed his talent and encouraged him to pursue her interest in art. Growing up in Florence gave Torre a vast array of wonderful memories from which to draw. He got his inspiration from the Neapolitan painters. Torre travels a lot, and he’s willing to work anywhere in the world to improve his skills and work with people who have the same passion. He is always on the lookout for new styles and techniques that can help make his work more appealing to the viewers. Torre’s paintings show the most over-romantic corners of Venice and also depict the strange atmosphere of Venice which captivates strangers in the hard fought and delightful narrow streets. Torre has earned national and international recognition and has accomplished art projects for many prestigious international clients. He’s especially interested in cityscapes and landscapes, but also loves astro photography and black and white portraits. His works have been collected privately and exhibited in several galleries in Florence and beyond. He has a unique style of painting. He makes each painting a source of energy whether it is a landscape or a cityscape theme. He combines painterly, moving and loose strokes to create a unique art niche. That’s why framed Giuseppe Torre art are highly priced by many discerning art collectors.
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