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Ian Tornquist Art

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Ian Tornquist grew up in New York. As he was growing up, he never knew he would become a photographer and had no plans of being one until he became an adult. His journey to become a photographer began when one day he picked a camera with the intention of annoying his daughter. His daughter would always roll her eyes when Tornquist’s father would bring out his camera, and then later on his daughter would do the same to him. Tornquist’s interest in photography was ignited at this point and he decided to actually learn how to use the various settings on the camera and take some images of scenery. The images came out quite well and made Tornquist to fall in love with photography. Since then he carries his camera with him wherever he goes and has acquired some decent equipment. Currently, Tornquist doesn’t specialize in a specific area of photography but joins up with other photographers in the area for new classes on portraits and for various outings. He is lucky that his daytime job gives him the opportunity to travel all over the back areas of New York, and to several other places that offer him fun moments, such as various large waterfalls hidden in the hills and mountains, a sunset coming down a wheat field, a group of people performing with lights and fire or abandoned and broken buildings. Tornquist now loves photography and it has become part of his life. For those looking for a complete ready to hang masterpiece, framed Ian Tornquist art are the perfect solutions. There are more than sixty frames to choose from and tons of finishing options.
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