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Michael Toole Art

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Framed Broken
by Michael Toole
43" x 31" Frame
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Price: $432.99 
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Michael Toole (Born 1966) is an artist who was born in Montreal. His mother is a nurse by profession and is also a very talented painter. His father, a chartered accountant, is often seeking satisfaction in photography because he was dissatisfied with his profession. Toole spent his childhood surrounded by his artistically inclined parents and he gained an appreciation for both painting and photography. He’s a trained social worker who has spent over 20 years working in Federal Corrections System. Toole began to pursue photography as a means to escape the negativity associated with this profession. He has now made photography his second career. He’s represented by several galleries in Muskoka and Toronto. Toole has exhibited his work in Montreal, Ottawa, New York City and Toronto, and has received many awards from his creative works. He travels all over the world and has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many artists. Toole is always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to present his work. His unique style involves the use of entirely different photographs or a combination of different exposures to create a single compelling piece of art. Toole’s art work reflects a balance of technical and emotional skill, and his pictures have been described as unique and painterly in presentation and color. He’s never satisfied with the act of simply recording information with the camera but is always looking at different methods of creating and presenting images so that the final products are truly unique and artistic. His images are presented on paper behind glass, on board with resin, and on canvas. They can be found in several institutions and in thousands of private and corporate collections all over North America. And for those who would like ready to mount framed Michael Toole art, they can be found in art galleries and dealerships.
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