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Sam Toft Art

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Sam Toft (Born 1964) was born in England. She says that she’s lucky that the accident of her birth left her at the edge of things – ever observant, watchful, and compelled to link memories and scenes into some kind of narrative. Textures, stripes, children’s rhymes, delicious whiffs, lovely hats, eccentric characters, beautiful dogs and nostalgic tunes are all things that catch her attention and fuel her imagination. She’s grateful to these favorite things that make possible her creativity, along with her hands, her eyes and especially her mother. She graduated from Kingston University in South West London with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science. Formerly, it was known as Kingston Polytechnic Kingston. She’s famous for her humor light, paintings and artwork. Sam’s work is done only on a small scale. Her favorite tools are oil-pastel crayons and she works with them very quickly. She’s been working as an artist for more than 10 years using mixed media: scraffito, colored inks, oil pastels, and the inventive technique referred to as fingers-and-thumbs. While still at the university, she had no idea what career to pursue or what path to take, and she couldn’t seem to find her passion. However, due to her many previous different jobs, she decided to go back to Liverpool where she took a vocational course receiving a qualification in General Art and Design (BTEC) at the City of Liverpool Community College. This is what catapulted her to the arts industry. Today, framed Sam Toft art is found in almost all corners of the world.
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