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Emma Thomson Art

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Emma Thomson was inspired to paint from a very young age by her creative family. One of her sisters is a very successful ceramicist while her father had many artistic talents. Her grandmother was also a painter. Emma grew up in Canterbury where she showed artistic talent at an early age of four. In fact, at that age she was the only member of her class who could draw houses on three-dimensions. She continued with her love of arts to secondary school and her art teacher noticed her talent. At one time, her art teacher almost cried when she told her she wanted to become a beautician. However, after secondary school she proceeded to Hatfield College of Art where she completed her foundation course in art. Emma later joined Middlesex Polytechnic where she studied Graphics Design. Upon her graduation, she worked for a major greetings card publisher and later on created two character ranges for another publisher which has been licensed around the world. The enormous success of her licensed ranges notwithstanding, she began losing interest in working as an employee and started teaching a group of people to paint while she was still working. Emma preferred to take part in art creation rather than art administration, so she decided to step down on her own. She became a freelance artist for a certain publisher before becoming fully independent. With the help of a friend, she launched a company which has created Felicity Wishes range. This is now one of the most successful character licences in the world. Emma has recently completed a Felicity Wishesbook and she also owns an 18th Century shop in Whitstable, where she works and creates new Felicity Wishes concepts. Galleries across the globe sell framed Emma Thomson art that are prepared ready for mounting. They can also be found in some other finishing options.
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