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Dale Terbush Art

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Framed In the Land Where Magic Began
In the Land Where Magic Began
by Dale Terbush
39" x 28" Frame
Price: $390.99 
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Born in Elmhurst, Chicago, Dale Terbush is an expert at transforming an image into something that is purely poetic, spiritual and beautiful. Initially he tried to find what he referred to as “A Real Job,” and he was fortunate to find a career in design that kept him focused in a part of the art world. He worked on interior design of a large chain of restaurants and this allowed him to bring his talents to the awareness of the public. In the course of his work, he was contracted to paint a mural on a focal wall of a restaurant. The art came out so beautifully that it attracted the attention of the restaurant’s president. Soon he was appointed the head of the interior design department for the company and then he worked hard and rose to the position of Vice President. His art speaks for itself; mysterious and elegant, bold and exciting; Terbush creates a scene and paints a mood of gripping magic. Success in the business world was achieved, so much so that the artist has designed more than 300 establishments. Likewise many pieces of framed Dale Terbush art have been bought all over the world. Terbush has risen to the top and has achieved much success in this artistic field. He celebrates life by living in a constant state of creativity. He captures a landscape that comes from within his astonishing imagination to make his art evoke the emotional response from the viewers. His paintings become experiences rather than mere sensations.
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