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Candice Tait Art

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Candice Tait is based in London, United Kingdom. A Contemporary Landscape Artist, Candice loved art from a tender age. She could draw, sketch and paint on any surface using any material she could find around. She was lucky that her talent was discovered early in her life and she got support and encouragement from those who surrounded her. Immediately she recognized that painting is an ongoing source of happiness in her life, she decided to take it seriously and has never regretted. Today, her art is known and is praised nationally and internationally. She loves what she does and hopes that those who view her art will feel attracted whenever they hold them. Concurrently, she creates commissions and personal works. She now has a huge following of fans across the UK and abroad. Her work has been described by many as bright and lively. Candice is an expert at injecting life into her pieces by careful use of color, texture and balance. The artist is much sought after and the framed Candice Tait art are in great demand. She’s hard working and has been painting with a lot of dynamism and commitment. Apart from landscape painting, she also does still life drawing. She’s very careful when it comes to the choice of subjects. All the pieces she produces carry a visual flow and a message that is meant to challenge and appeal to the viewers, with nature being her primary inspiration, and her main aim as an artist is to increase the aesthetics of any room where her art is placed.
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