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Eva Szorc Art

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At a very early age Eva Szorc knew that she would become a painter. She was born in Warsaw, Poland, a Communist society that did not place much value on art. This, coupled with family demands, forced her to pursue architecture. She graduated from the Polytechnical Institute of Gdansk in Northern Poland with a Masters Degree in Architecture. Her passion for art never died and in the course of her studies, she secretly entered a very fine Polish Art Academies and studied art. She also participated in numerous group shows and gained a lot of experience during that time. At the same time Eva was convinced that her true destiny was to be an Artist. She therefore joined Wysza Szkola Szluk Pieknych, Gdansk where she obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Art. Doing what she likes has made her to be very successful, and her works are now in many homes and businesses and has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. Her art are mainly distributed as framed Eva Szorc art; though there are many other finishing options that clients can choose from. His art is not only meant for hanging on the wall, but they are also meant to inspire those who view them. He feels that it is a blessing to be an artist because he uses his art to communicate his feelings to his viewers. Eva got married in Paris and immigrated to the United States with her husband and settled in North California. The artist now devotes all her time to painting, focusing mainly on beautiful fields of poppies, vineyards, landscapes, portraits and still lifes using images and bright colors that instill an uplifting revitalization theme.
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