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Joseph-Benoit Suvee Art

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Framed Invention of Drawing
Invention of Drawing
by Joseph-Benoit Suvee
21" x 29" Frame
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Belgian Dutch painter Joseph-Benoît Suvée (1743 - 1807) was born in Bruges. He started studying at the Royal Academy of Bruges in 1751 when he was only 8 years old. Suvée was strongly influenced by French neo-classicism. Initially he was taught by Matthias de Visch, but in 1762 he went to France where he was taught by Jean-Jacques Bachelier. At the age of 28, he was the winner of the Prix de Rome. Following this success he prolonged his stay in Rome – he stayed longer than the usual time allowed to French Academy’s pensionaries of the in Rome. He was in Rome from 1772 to 1778. On his return to Paris he was named an academician and he opened an art school at the Louvre for young women. He had many pupils some of whom were Joseph Denis Odevaere, Philip van der Wal, Jan Frans Legillon, Jean-Bernard Duvivier, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Autrique, Jacques Madere, to name but a few. Suvée competed with and emulated Jacques-Louis David, and earned his enduring hatred. When Suvée won the Prix de Rome in 1771, Jacques-Louis David complained that he used connections, something that might have been true. That notwithstanding, Suvée’s art continued to attract clients both in Paris and beyond. His art was availed as framed Joseph-Benoît Suvée art which came ready to hang. There were also other finishing options that his clients could choose. Suvée became director of the Académie de France in 1801. This became his best-known legacy. However, the responsibilities of running the school made him to leave painting completely.
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