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Allan Stephenson Art

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Allan Stephenson takes a traditional approach to render what he sees. He says that self-expression is of equal value to him as craftsmanship in what he’s creating. While he’s always striving for better and new ways to paint, he’s not trying to come up with anything new and he feels it is an illusion to assume that every artist believes so. He has always found inspiration for his art from his travels and is always looking for special sense of places that infuse some areas of the natural world with beauty, wonder and meaning. As an independent artist specializing in painting landscapes, his art has also been very much influenced by the places he has visited and the people he has met during his travels. He loves trees, more so the deciduous types that take on different colors and shapes throughout the year. In form, these trees seem to express the interaction between the force outside and the force within to grow. He attempts to extract what appealed to him about the scene in the first place so that his viewers may also feel the same experience. Stephenson thinks that landscapes, sometimes have mystical quality that’s difficult to understand. Framed Allan Stephenson art have unique qualities that make them stand out. They are easily recognizable among the works of other artists. They are therefore highly priced by many discerning collectors. Stephenson is much sought after, his art continues to cause a lot of excitement among art lovers, art students and art teachers.
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