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Framed Phyllis Stephens Wall Art

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Phyllis Stephens is a Master of African-American Story Quilts. Born in Georgia, she’s an award-winning 5th generation quilt maker, considered by critics to be inspirational. Phyllis has quilted professionally for more than 3 decades. The quilts have been displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the world; such as the Fine Art Museum of Ghana Africa, and The Museum of the American Quilter’s Society in Paducah, Kentucky. She considers it a special honor for being given the opportunity to show in Ghana (considered to be the fabric capital of the world). In 2010, the Georgia House of Representatives awarded him; a resolution for her portfolio of art entitled “For Crying Out Loud.” This was a tribute the Civil Rights Movement’s children. Her techniques and design process are cutting edge. Her art has been described by many as fresh and innovative. Phyllis’ fabric choices and color selections are unmatched. Her love affair with the art of quilt making is a seed planted inside her by every generation she has knowledge of. She once gave her grandmother a quilt and the grandmother proudly proclaimed that Phyllis quilted with the same form and sense of her own grandmother. She utilizes textiles and fabrics from across the world as well as America. The framed Phyllis Stephens art are also found all over the world. She graduated from Boston University and she uses her art both as an expression of their rich cultural heritage, and a reflection of who she is. She believes that she’s blessed, and that her abilities are a gift from God.
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