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Rosemarie Stanford Art

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Rosemarie Stanford loves to play with light in her images. She finds nature, to be very sensual, especially flowers, and she tries to capture that sensuality in her work. She only uses black backgrounds because, to her, that color gives a mysterious and dramatic look to the art. She especially loves the way black intensifies the gentleness and beauty of a shell, flower or an orchid, yet at the same time, it possesses a powerful feel. Rosemarie enjoys working with nature. She says there’s tranquility in a garden that is so calming and comforting. So she invites the viewers to come and walk with her through her garden and to let her share its beauty with them. She has begun exploring the intricacy of shell formations and in the process she has discovered that the patterns, shapes and colors are amazing. The artist has led a very free life enriched by the many different careers she has had over the years. She was in the Airline Industry for 3 decades and has circled the globe many times. She is a working lifestyle model and an actor. While working in the Airline Industry she spent many years shuttling back and forth to Africa, Korea and India working as an International relief worker. She had the opportunity to work with orphaned and abandoned children which was a great inspiration to her. Today framed Rosemarie Stanford art hang in some of the most prestigious spaces, homes and galleries around the world. Her art has graced the covers of Novels, Magazines and many other commercial projects.
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