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Don Stambler Art

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Framed Cafe Car
Cafe Car
by Don Stambler
21" x 18" Frame
Price: $166.99 
Sale: $166.99
Framed Starlite
by Don Stambler
18" x 21" Frame
Price: $162.99 
Sale: $162.99
Framed Route 66 Diner
Route 66 Diner
by Don Stambler
11" x 9" Frame
Price: $104.99 
Sale: $104.99
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3 Items
Don Stambler has paintings that date back as far as 1976 – three years after he graduated from art school. With a few exceptions, most of his pieces of artwork were completed after 1980, when he moved from California to New Mexico. As early as the 70s, his primary goal as an artist has been to establish a clear and meaningful direction for his art. The works that he has produced visually document the winding path taken on his constantly evolving vision quest. He has been working as an artist for more than 40 years. He’s primarily an oil painter, although once in awhile, he works in other mediums. He credits his career to his dear, late Aunt Libby, who taught him to oil paint when he was four years old. Like her, Stambler painted his way through life. Framed Don Stambler art is in both private and public collections. The private collections include those of Dwight Yoakam, Penny Marshall, Emilio Estevez, Doug West, Charlie Sheen, Judge Reinhold, Dolona Roberts and John Nieto. Some of the public collections include Albuquerque Museum, Fine Arts Museum of New Mexico, Columbia Pictures, St. Vincent Hospital, and Universal Studios. From 1965 to 1969, Stambler studied at UCLA from where he received a BA in Bacteriology. He later proceeded to the University of California where he studied for one year at the Optometry School. From 1971 to 1973, he studied at California College of Arts and Crafts and received a BFA in Painting and Drawing. In the year that followed (1974), he was at San Francisco Academy of Art where he took Illustration courses. After that he went ahead and studied Graphic design and Lamy Community College (Oakland CA) and graduated in 1975.
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