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James Sowerby Art

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Framed Antique Lobster I
Antique Lobster I
by James Sowerby
20" x 16" Frame
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James Sowerby (Born 1757) was born in the City of London. He was born into a family of scientists who contributed a lot to the history of natural history. 14 members of the family illustrated, wrote or published natural history works between about 1780 and 1954. The works were in the fields of mineralogy, botany, conchology, zoology, and palaeontology. Sowerby studied art at the Royal Academy in London and began making studies of plants and wildflowers to include in his miniature portraits. At the academy he was taught by William Curtis on how best he could depict plants and their blossoms. Curtis was a botanist and the author of Flora Londinensis. At the Royal Academy Sowerby befriended Robert De Carle, a fellow student whose sister, Anne, he later married. They moved into their house in 1786 in Mead Place, a gift of the bride’s father. His two eldest sons, George Brettingham and James De Carle were also naturalists and artists and did substantial original work. They completed much that was begun by their father. In 1790 Sowerby started to work on his own illustrated works which became known as ‘Sowerby’s Botany.’ His accurate descriptions and beautifully colored drawings made the publication a highly esteemed work which was frequently republished. It contained 2,592 hand-colored plates of British plants and was issued in 36 volumes over 23 years. Due to the scientific nature of his work, framed James Sowerby art are highly sought after by many discerning scientists. That’s why they are found in many public and private institutions.
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