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Smitty City Art

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Mike Smith is the man behind the pseudonym “Smitty City.” Smith loved art from his childhood and could rarely be found without an art material in his hand. He used to draw, paint, sketch and doodle on any surface that was available. He attended Wright State University and the school of the Dayton Art Institute where he studied Graphic Arts. Soon after his graduation, he began a life-long career in graphic art and painting. Much of his work is whimsical because, he believes the voice to "lighten up" is crucial in the world of art. He approaches the white canvas with vague expectations and allows the process to dictate the end result. Smith combines a unique sense of personal intimacy with a sense of humor leaving the viewer inspired. His art is inspiring because of his careful choice of the subject matter. A few of the many things that have kept him busy for the past 4 decades include technical illustrations and Magazines, wall murals, pin-striping and sign design. His work has been brought into countless businesses, homes, and exhibited all over the world. The materials he uses to produce her art make them durable and can therefore be used for decoration for many years. This is more so for the framed Mike Smith art. Mike and Susan, his wife, have two cats, two daughters, one son-in-law. Smith tries to pave the way into that precarious unknown zone, where, with guidance, he’s challenged to forge a personal path to discover the satisfaction of making art that is truly his own.
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