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Barbara Simmons Art

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Photographer Barbara Simmons celebrates bright colors and various textures in her art. Barbara was often seen walking with her camera as a child. In fact, even before she could use the camera, she would live to look through the view hole and imagine her own take on the world through it.

For Barbara, it all starts with the click for a new photo - that moment of quiet, the exciting anticipation of knowing, and joy from celebrating the moment in time that was just captured. This moment, after all, is when the new art creation process begins. When working with the image using the latest photo editing technologies, rarely does Barbara actually know when the new photo will be finished. She works with it until it just feels right - layering various image textures, combining two or more photographs to create a new image and painting with light. Using these various techniques make up the process that leads to the final image. This process is different for every image, every time.
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