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John Sharman Wall Art

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John Sharman (Born 1939) worked as a professional artist for more than 25 years. During that time he had 26 solo exhibitions and almost lost count of the group exhibitions he has participated in. He had the accumulation of more than 170 awards, most of which added both to his reputation and income base as a fine artist. In his formative years, one of the more unusual projects he undertook was the production of more than 1000 portraits of local and world identities drawn from the television screen during current affairs programs and interviews, each completed in just a few minutes. He turned to full time professional art practice in 1980 after learning about the dark wash technique and falling in love with it. The technique helped him in achieving considerable success with his work. Sharman joined a group of artists that included Doug, Bob Simpson, Ritchie Sealy, Casey, Warwick Fuller, Robert Wilson, Allan Fizzell and he held fond memories of numerous painting adventures they did together. Framed John Sharman art and many of his works of art show the influence of these artists in his work. He pursued painting and drawing most of his free time and slowly developed his abilities and perceptions. Sharman painted in a realist manner but leaning slightly towards impressionism; he tried to make every element an integral part of the finished work which made his work to stand out. He was particularly happy when all the elements came together harmoniously, and even happier when a viewer of his work remarked on that togetherness.
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