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Banafshe Schippel Art

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Banafshe Schippel was founded by Sue Simin and Wendy Schippel. It has now brought together and represents a group of exceptionally talented designers who create both hand painted and Computer Aided Designs which are vibrant and varied, traditional and contemporary to the Home Furnishing Industry. Their studio was originally established in 1986 after graduating in Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design. The two later met at Manchester Polytechnic while pursuing their Master's Degrees. They received their first introduction to the world of design while they were growing up in Manchester, England and both of them studied at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham where Sue Simin received her master's degree in Fine Art. The artists are generous and framed Banafshe Schippel art hang in the collections of institutions, corporations and individuals throughout Manchester and abroad. In the course of their work, they have exhibited their art nationally through several high-status fine art galleries and have achieved both corporate and private collector acknowledgment. Their clients include companies that manufacture woven and printed textiles, paper products, area rugs, bedding and bath, wallpaper, tabletop, as well as giftware and stationery. Today, their art adorn the walls of many building all over the world. Sue Simin and Wendy Schippel like to travel a lot and their inspiration come from these travels – the people they meet and the places they visit. Those who purchase their art do so because the pieces of art are attractive, durable and inspiring. They use mixed media on paper to create their style of artwork.
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