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Adam Schall Von Bell Art

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Framed Map of the Main Stars in the Visible Realm, (The Vatican Collection)
Map of the Main Stars in the Visible Realm, (The Vatican Collection)
by Adam Schall Von Bell
28" x 46" Frame
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Adam Schall von Bell (Born 1591) was born in Cologne, Germany. He was a German astronomer and Jesuit.. Some say he was born in the Holy Roman Empire near L├╝ftelberg which is currently part of Meckenheim. He graduated from the Gymnasium of Jesuit after which he moved to Rome where he studied subjects such as astronomy and mathematics at the Collegium Germanicum. He was an astronomer and Jesuit missionary who became the chief adviser to the first emperor of the Qing dynasty. He joined the Jesuits in 1611 but never stopped his education. He continued with his studies at the Gregorianum. Schall von Bell was trained in Rome in the astronomical system of Galileo before he moved to China in 1622. The astronomer spent most of his life in China as a missionary and soon impressed the people in China with the superiority of Western astronomy. He became an adviser of the Qing dynasty to the Shunzhi Emperor. In 1630 Giacomo Rho and Schall von Bell were sent to Beijing to continue the work of Schreck Johann who had died. The work involved the reformation of the Chinese calendar. Schall von Bell took part in the modification of the Chinese calendar and in the compilation of what is known as the Chongzhen calendar. This calendar was named after the Emperor of Chongzhen. This calendar was modified and it provided better predictions of eclipses. Today, framed Adam Schall von Bell art hang in many institutions, private homes, galleries and public places.
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