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Philippe Sainte-Laudy Art

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Philippe Sainte-Laudy is one of the few photography artists who try to do things differently to deliver original works. His fascination with photography borrows its credence from the fact that both his father and grandfather worked in the photography industry. Sainte-Laudy’s regular engagement with photography works inspired him to start capturing images at a young age. He has an eye that sees some of the elements that many photographers tend to ignore, enabling him to capture nature's best moments. Sainte-Laudy's photography mainly covers landscape and unique light and weather effects. It’s his passion for photography that has seen him transform what could pass as normal photos to art. He’s been fascinated with photography for years, something that inspired him to establish his own company in 2010. Through his company, he offers a wide range of artistic services, including web design, photo retouch services, and photography related training. To achieve high level quality and his desired effects, Sainte-Laudy uses different digital software applications to enhance his images. The programs include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Aperture. The quality of his works has seen them featured in magazines such as Geo Magazine, The Environmentalist, and Outdoor Photographer. His images invite viewers to nature’s beauty so that they can appreciate and possibly be inspired to conserve nature. Sainte-Laudy’s works are available in diverse collections and are on sale through a variety of outlets. While there are galleries that sell his original artwork, there are also numerous others licensed to sell Philippe Sainte-Laudy framed art prints. The artist is currently a resident of France where he continues to create art.
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