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Jan Sacca Art

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Jan Sacca (Born in 1956) is an artist who’s based in New England-based artist. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, a region that influenced her art and provides her with memorable scenes and flowers. She drew inspiration from the captivating flowers in Massachusetts and from her own backyard, and Jan began to create art that’s quite dramatic at a very young age. Her art is in many corporate and private collections around the world. Her art is mainly distributed as framed Jan Sacca art, though other finishing options are also available. Her art is also available in many online stores. She continues to participate in many important art competitions, and has been invited to participate in numerous prominent gallery art shows on a regular basis. She’s now based in New England, and, since moving there, she’s continued to create paintings that capture the unique characteristics of her subjects which are mainly flowers. She was fascinated with texture and color from her youth, and started painting and drawing at the age of 6. Jan studied at Massachusetts College of Art, where she majored in Illustration and Fine Art, but she considers herself to be self-taught. She’s a talented artist who knew from an early age that she would be an artist. Jan was lucky to grow in an environment that promoted her talent in the arts. She was the youngest of 6 children born in a family that’s rich in artistic talent, but she’s the first to professionally pursue a career in art in the family.
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