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Ryuijie Art

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Ryuijie (Born in 1950) was born in Otaru, Japan. For more than 35 years he has pursued his love of photography. He feels privileged to be able to share this love with his viewers. His work takes center stage in his life. He did hi earliest photographs in silver gelatin but 1990 he decided to expand the darkroom to include the platinum/palladium process. His family moved to the United States when he was still a young child. Subsequently, the family lived in many places from New Hampshire to Hawaii, and again in Japan, they moved a lot until his father retired from the military. He used to do all his works using traditional methods but he began to embrace digital techniques. He now does all the negatives for platinum printing digitally. Ryuijie uses digital printing and capture for the new Color Ice Forms. Many years ago he was asked what he would do if film was no longer available. His answer was he would continue to work with whatever tools were available. He added that to give up his art would be unthinkable and would probably be his undoing. There have been many articles about him, including one written for MutualArt in 2014 titled '10 Opening Exhibitions to Watch.' Many finishing options of his art are available, including framed Ryuijie art. His art is also available in many online stores. He has exhibited in Weston Gallery, USA, Carmel, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, and Verve Gallery of Photography, USA, among others.
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